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Welcome to Our Herb Yard

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Welcome to Our Herb Yard

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Message from the herbalist….

Many companies sell you what they call ‘teas’ by using over-processed, ground ingredients that are hard to identify, mixed with preservatives and artificial flavours and sold in individually packaged teabags. Here at Seven Rivers our goal is simple; we process herbs and spices that are as close to their natural state as possible, bursting with flavour and are good for you, what we call tea with benefits.

Come, sit and enjoy a cup of tea with us…..your body will thank you for it.

What Makes our Tea Special ?


    Our herbs and spices are lovingly grown and tended in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. Fresh air, natural sunshine and rain are the key components in growing our herbs and spices.


    We want every product to be flavourful while remaining as close to its natural state as possible. Our products undergo strict traditional processing according to Maroon standards.


    We respect the earth and believe that whatever we take from the Earth we must replace. Our employees and suppliers are local farmers who also share this passion.


    From harvest to your store shelf takes the most twenty-eight (28) days. Our products are shipped in small batches via airfreight.

Passion. Purpose. The drive to make a difference.


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The Health Benefits of Teas:
Our teas are brimming with healthful benefits like natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Drinking tea rehydrates the body, and its antioxidants may offer protection against a wide range of diseases. A cup of tea can be a gentle start to the day, a soothing mid-afternoon break, or a comfortable way to unwind and relax each evening – it all adds up to a heathy mind, body, and spirit