Corporate Responsibility

Jamaican Fresh is committed to incorporating contemporary business and ethical practices in our operations while continually seeking to improve said business practices for the benefit of our customers, staff and the communities within which we operate. We encourage compliance to various statutes and provide quality products and service ensuring that customers, staff and all interested parties are treated fairly and with respect ,which is a key focus on the Company’s agenda. The observation of certain key tenets which encompass: ethics, diversity, community, environment, health and safety have served as a guiding force and remain crucial to the Company’s survival.  

   It takes a Village


Jamaican Fresh at all time employs the highest of ethical standards in its overall operations. Ensuring “honesty, integrity and trust” has always been our guiding principles whether interacting with customers, staff or any third party.   


We respect the rights of every employee and customer and ensure they are treated fairly and without discrimination. To this end, we seek to develop a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities and customers we serve by embracing diversity in all its forms. Employment of persons of different sex, age, religious belief etc. is our practice. The purchasing of products from not only male based but female based entities is also an on-going occurrence throughout Jamaican Fresh modus operandi.

Encouraging team work and exchange of knowledge is one thing that has assisted in the growth and development of our Company, as varied ideas from both customer and staff has aided in the strengthening of our operation. Our Company also prides itself as one that encourages the development of a workforce that is diverse in style and background, where everyone can make a valuable contribution.

   Summer Intern from Local Agriculture school


While we take pleasure in terms of our contributions made to the economies of countries within which we operate through the buying and selling of local Jamaican Products, the provision of such products to clientele within the marketplace, and the employment of local workers (through direct employment and indirectly through our supply chain); we still believe in providing to the communities within which we operate from and not just a business perspective.

It is against this background that Jamaican Fresh is determined to provide additional community support through education, health, community outreach and environmental initiatives through financial contribution and in-kind donations; provision of developmental incentives to staff and their families and encouraging employees to serve their communities and country through various charitable initiatives.

We are committed to being a good corporate citizen, mindful of our responsibility to give back to the community and countries in which we live and operate our business.



Everywhere we do business we take satisfaction in our contributions towards protection of the environment. Through the provision of chemical and pesticide free ecosystem and botanical products, our company encourages the replanting of these indigenous plants and overall seeks to operate in an environmentally efficient manner.

Health & Safety

The well being of our staff is always of concern to us at Jamaican Fresh and so fostering a conducive and safe working environment to our employees is important. Mitigating against any health hazards within the workplace is encouraged through the implementation of policies/procedures and the provision of training to staff. We here at Jamaican Fresh are dedicated to staff and customer safety.