What Makes our Tea Special ?


Our herbs and spices are lovingly grown and tended in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. Fresh air, natural sunshine and rain are the key components in growing our herbs and spices. We refrain from sourcing herbs near where pesticides and harsh chemicals are being used or have been used. If we are not able to wild-craft the herbs, we use organic compost in a controlled environment to keep the earth fertile boosting the flavour potency of our teas. 


We want every product to be flavourful while remaining as close to its natural state as possible. Our products undergo strict traditional processing according to Maroon standards. This guarantees fresh 'just picked' products and ensures that the potency of the herbs remain intact and are not lost through over processing. Once we harvest, our products are in your local store within 28 days to maintain product quality and freshness.


We respect the Earth and believe that whatever we take from the Earth we must replace. Our employees and suppliers are local farmers who share this passion. We have strict standards against over farming, use of chemical / pesticides or destroying good food bearing vegetation. We also encourage our farmers to plant other fruit trees to help in preserving the environment and planet.  


From harvest to your store shelf takes the most twenty-eight (28) days and our products are shipped in small batches via airfreight. While nature is naturally an intricate part of processing, we adhere to strict medicine man practices to ensure the products are not being robbed of their medicinal properties by over processing.


Our products undergo strict traditional processing according to Maroon Standards. All of our products are processed naturally using sunlight and nature. This guarantees a fresh product as ‘Just Picked’ with all its medicinal properties intact and not compromised.